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  1. Lemmy Killmister: Movie Cameos

    Who knew that Lemmy Killmister from Motorhead had so many cameos in so many movies and one TV appearance in a show. Here they are folks… Lemmy in Airheads Lemmy in Hardware Lemmy in Eat The Rich Lemmy in The

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  2. Drag and Drop – NSEW

    Espen Friberg Andrew Stanley Bobby Jeffries Janet Song Kathy Cho Taylor Leigh Hand Victor Ballesteros Zoe Burnett NSEW is a new small press by Jessica Williams that has a delightful interactive collage page. Get lost for hours here.

  3. The Smiths on Charlie’s Bus

    Happy Friday. Thanks Mary!

  4. Martina Hoogland Ivanow

    Martina Hoogland Ivanow. b.1973, Stockholm, Sweden.

  5. Liminal Positions Writing Symposium

    EMILY CARR UNIVERSITY | LISA ROBERTSON | Liminal Positions Writing Symposium | MARCH 4-5 __________________________ ECUAD Biennial Student Symposium 2011:  READING | CULTURE | WRITING:  LIMINAL POSITIONS FRIDAY MARCH 4, 6-8PM South Building #301,  RECEPTION 8PM Agro Cafe, SATURDAY MARCH

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  6. Emeute – JSBJ’s Blue Series

    EMEUTE by friend of 01, Andrew Laumann – Who was a part of the 01 Magazine Group Exhibition. 46 pages, Softcover, 15 x 21 cm, Black and White lazer print A original photo print is pasted on the cover (Fujicolor)

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  7. GWG Commercials from the 80’s

    Check out the old Canadian (Edmonton) work men brand of denim GWG’s commercials from the 80’s. The first video is starring a young and suave Wayne Gretzky, from when he use to play for the Edmonton Oilers. The Great Western

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  8. Mandeleine Is…(1971)

    Day for Night and film historian and poet Colin Browne present the rarely seen made-in-Vancouver feature film Madeleine Is…(1971) about a young woman living in Vancouver, who seeks to find herself in a world where homeless people, socialist poseurs and

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