LES Gallery: Dan Siney + Heather Martin

01 Magazine has had the pleasure of being able to work with these two talented artists in our group show and past issues of our magazine. We look forward to checking out their new work tomorrow. Check out their past interviews from our magazine here:

Dan Siney

Heather Martin


Dan Siney and Heather Martin

New Works

March 12- April 15th, 2011

Opening Reception March 11, 7-11pm

The work in this exhibition deals with imperfect patterns. Dan Siney’s photographs highlight subtle occurences of soft repetition. His pictures show rain droplets on water, reflections of light on hardwood and footprints in snow which create gentle grids made when repeated applications of a single object interact with varying environments. This occurrence of occasional rhythms is also seen in Heather Martin’s work. For the show she has created hanging textile pieces, which explore the outcome of repeated techniques interacting with unpredictable human and environmental elements. This interplay between repetition and variance in the work of both artists explores the nature of pattern in context and the unexpected beauty that can arise through error.

Dan Siney is an Emily Carr graduate who has shown at Shudder Gallery, Vancouver, Presentation House Gallery, Vancouver, and Gladstone Hotel, Toronto. His work was shown in tinyvices, a series of exhibitions curated by Tim Barber and shown various galleries in Mexico, England, France, Japan and the USA.

Heather Martin’s clothing line MONO has been in production since 2004. She was included at the Movers and Shapers show at the Vancouver Museum and was recently featured in the 01 Magazine Group show in New York and Toronto. Martin currently teaches fashion design at Vancouver Community College and will be participating in a residency at The Strathcona Art Gallery this spring.


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