Mixtape #29: “I Am So Sorry” – Paul Paper


Mixtape #29 is by Vilnius, Lithuania based photographer, Paul Paper. In addition to taking beautiful pictures, Paul is the founder of I Like This Blog, a collaborative blog consisting of a great group of photographers and artists. Paul is also the curator of “Sraunus“, a photograph projection exhibition that has been shown in various venues across Lithuania and Stockholm. Paul recently released Lietuva. Stories of Everyday with Cafe Royal Books and a limited edition poster with Medium Rare. Be on the lookout for Sraunus in Canada! More details soon!

1. The London Symphony Orchestra – The Imperial March

2. The Clint Boon Experience! – This is How it Feels

3. Roy Orbison- In Dreams

4. Legendary Pink Dots – Belladona

5. Vincent Gallo – Glad To Be Unhappy

6. Erik Enocksson – The Joy of D.H. Lawrence

7. Bisk – Nothing But Love Out of Her

8. Antony And The Johnsons – Crazy in Love

9. Oleg Kostrow – Otpusknye Svistuny




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