Blog Post Archive (January 2011)

  1. I Heart Transylvania

    We love seeing our hometown through Jason Nocito’s eyes. Tim Barber recently featured Jason Nocito’s series, I Heart Transylvania on Tiny Vices. The compelling, beautiful and generous selection of photographs were taken in and around Vancouver B.C over several years.

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  2. Robert Mapplethorpe: Talk about his background

    Robert Mapplethorpe talks about growing up in the suburbs and moving onto New York city to become an artist…

  3. Zero + Maria Cornejo-F/W

    (Photo shot by Maria Cornejo husband, photographer Mark Borthwick)

  4. Herbert Marshall McLuhan

    Herbert Marshall McLuhan @ CBC 1967

  5. Glass House

    Congratulations David.

  6. Winter’s Children at Milk Gallery

    Winter’s Children – Jim Mangan Opening Reception, Film Premier and Book Launch: January 15th, 7pm – 10pm Exhibition Dates: January 14 – January 17, 10am – 6pm Burton Snowboards in conjunction with Milk Gallery, VICE Magazine and powerHouse Books, is

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  7. Sketches

    New book by 01 favorite, Viviane Sassen.

  8. Get Real

  9. Boessert+Schorn F/W

  10. Stephen Reid+Stopwatch Gang Video

    (Stephen Reid on the right at the Millhaven Penitentiary where he wrote his book Jackrabbit Parole) As bad ass as it gets… Canadian Stephen Reid is not only one of the members of the infamous bank thieves called “The Stopwatch

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  11. Books + Records

    BOOKS + RECORDS is an ongoing accumulation by Chris Newmyer and Denise Schatz. Parts of this book were originally published in 01 Magazine’s 5th issue, DUO. Published by Miniature Garden. Distributed by Motto.

  12. Arnel Henry

    Beautifully poetic photographs by Arnel Henry, New York. Arnel’s Portfolio on Tiny Vices