Mixtape #28: “Winter Warmer” – Karen Schaupeter


Mixtape #28 is by a woman of many trades, New York based Karen Schaupeter, who we met a few months ago at the 01 Magazine Group Exhibition in New York. Karen started her fashion based career in California 10 years ago as a studio manager, producer, and stylist- and has been styling in New York for the last four years, focusing on lifestyle and beauty advertising. She also currently runs The Print Makers Workshop, a fine art print making studio in San Francisco, where she works with artists who are creating new bodies of work. Karen’s most recent project is running and curating Ed Varie, an awesome New York based gallery that has been having some amazing exhibitions (Including Tinker Street’s Before The Wilds), workshops, socials, and book launches. Tonight, in collaboration with Hassla Books, Ed Varie is hosting Alikeness, an exhibition and book launch for Pierre Le Hors. An event not be missed by New York residents. Despite her busy schedule of amazing projects, Karen has taken the time to make “Winter Warmer” for us. Thanks Karen!

“Winter Warmer”

1. Late – Summer Seapony

2. Taking The Farm – The War On Drugs

3. I Really Wanna Work This Out – Chalk And Numbers

4. Breeze – Apollo Sunshine

5. Must Be Nice – Frankie Rose And The Outs

6. I Won’t Be Found- The Tallest Man On Earth

7. Glide Part One – Family Portrait

8. Hauling the Dead – Amen Dunes

9. Eternal Life – Mosby Family Singers

10. Punjabi Monster Beat Dog Faced Hermans

11. Shake the Shackles – Crystal Stilts

12. Golden Sea – French Films

13. Baby Mama – Star Slinger

14. Mushroom – Can

15. Vapor Trails – Jeans Wilder

16. Tactics Plan – The Rats

17. Jack Shack – Cum Stain

18. Even If It Worked Out – Cloud Nothings

19. Árstíðir – Pascal Pinon





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