Thursday, January 20, 6-9 PM

Ed. Varie

208 E. 7th St (btw Ave B & C)

New York, NY

Book launch of Firework Studies by Pierre Le Hors.

The book launch coincides with the opening of Le Hors’ exhibition Alikeness at Ed. Varie.

Alikeness is about the impulse to halt time and to preserve, to give permanence to something before it slips away. The group of photographs shown stop motion in order to more closely observe a phenomenon. Likewise, a wax effigy is presented as a record of the artist’s body, with funereal implications — a likeness of youth as death mask (is the figure dead or asleep?). Alikeness is the instant at which a representation (of life, of movement), charged with potential but frozen in time, slips uncomfortably into memento mori. – Pierre Le Hors

Firework Studies – Pierre Le Hors

4.875 x 7.125 in., section sewn, 320 pages, soft cover, B/W offset

Edition of 500

ISBN 978-0-9825471-5-1

35 USD

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