To Tame A Land


Anna Saban*


Devon Knowles*


Jasmine Reimer*


Jerry Hsu*


Mark Delong*


Mark Neufeld*


Michelle Allard*


Michelle Allard

Mark Delong

Jerry Hsu

Devon Knowles

Jason McLean

Julie Nelson

Mark Neufeld

Jasmine Reimer

Analia Saban

Curated by Lucas Soi

Opening reception Thursday, Dec. 9. 6 – 10pm

Dec. 9 – 12, open 4 – 6pm daily.

Point Exhibits

3rd Floor

560 Seymour St.


“My journey is ended! This planet shall sustain me until it has been drained of all elemental life! So speaks Galactus!” – Stan Lee, Fantastic Four #48

The title of the exhibition, To Tame A Land, makes reference to the 1955 novel of the same name by American author Louis L’Amour. It is a coming of age story of a young boy orphaned and left to wander “a wild land of canyons and buttes, and on dust-choked cattle trails.” Vancouver is known worldwide for its natural beauty, and the mountains, forests, lakes and ocean it is surrounded by is featured in architectural design almost as a façade, a picture to be viewed through the glass window of an apartment building. As our experience of land in the city becomes increasingly filtered through urbanization and economics, our perception of the wilderness has changed.

Vancouver was once rugged terrain, a dangerous challenge for European pioneers. To Tame A Land re-imagines the natural environment of southern British Columbia as a wild and mysterious geography, a place of myth and fable. The artwork in this exhibition considers the way the wilderness was experienced and thought of before colonization. Commerce and consumer culture has made our environment more friendly and accessible than ever before. With all that we have gained, what has been lost?

In this exhibition eight artists explore this idea through sculpture. They work with the mythical aspects of nature and the symbolic value of organic shapes and forms that, in living amongst and apart from for so long, we can’t help but look at anew.

Michelle Allard was recently Artist in Residence at La Cite Internationale des Arts (Paris)

Mark Delong’s recent solo exhibition Lady Baltimore was at LES Gallery (Vancouver)

Jerry Hsu was recently featured in Now I Remember at New Image Art (Los Angeles)

Devon Knowles was recently Artist in Residence at SAIR (Denmark)

Jason McLean’s recent solo exhibition In The Corner There Is Light was at Jessica Bradley Art + Projects (Toronto)

Julie Nelson is currently completing her BFA at ECUAD (Vancouver)

Mark Neufeld’s recent solo exhibition The Greenhorn was at Atelierhof Kreuzberg (Berlin)

Jasmine Reimer’s recent solo exhibition Slump was at 304 Days (Vancouver)

Analia Saban’s recent solo exhibition Information Leaks was at Josh Lilley (London U.K.)


*Examples of the artists work

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