Blog Post Archive (December 2010)

  1. Book of Books

    Book of Books – Miniature Garden Artwork by Ariel Dill and Denise Schatz. Edition of 100. With book photo contributions from: Aiwei Foo, Peter Puklus, Casey Cook, James J. Williams III, Kimm Whiskie, Ashley Neese, Laura Baran, Jason Polan, George

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  2. Mixtape #22: “Open Letter To San Francisco” – David Luraschi

    Photo: David Luraschi Mixtape #22 is my San Francisco based photographer, film maker, and teacher, David Luraschi, who’s worked we’ve featured in “Featured Photographer Portfolio” Be sure to look through his amazing work. “Open Letter To San Francisco” 01. Sarabande

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  3. Christian Rizzo

    “A nomad of the eye and mind, he is like a juggler of objects and music, bodies and movement, who operates freely between the arts, and also between the arts and life. His trademark is more than a style, it

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  4. An Art Service

    Great graphic design and art direction work by An Art Service. The New York City based studio works in publications, branding and websites.

  5. Thirty and Eight | Derek Chan & Ayako Yamasaki

    December 17 – January 16 Opening: December 17, 6-9pm Golden Age is pleased to present Thirty and Eight, Derek Chan and Ayako Yamasaki featuring furniture from Minneapolis based design studio RO/LU. (check out 01 interview) Thirty and Eight is a

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  6. Margaret Howell Fall 2010

  7. Mixtape #21: “Fat Mama Kick” – Ian Skedd

    Mixtape #21 is by Vancouver based multidisciplinary artist, Ian Skedd, who was interviewed by Josh Olson in the current issue of 01 Magazine. Ian works with installation, intervention, performance, sound and video. After getting a Cecil Lewis Sculpture scholarship, Ian

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  8. Blog On Blog (Blogs We Love): Mallory’s Clothes

    Mallory’s Clothes is a comprehensive rundown, in chronological order, of Mallory Keaton’s outfits from the series Family Ties (1982-1989)

  9. Totem Poles of Alaska 1910-1920

    The Frank and Frances Carpenter Collection consists of photographs produced and gathered by Frank G. Carpenter (1855-1924) and his daughter Frances (1890-1972) to illustrate his writings on travel and world geography. Carpenter’s works helped popularize cultural anthropology and geography in

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  10. Featured Photography Portfolio: Noele Lusano (San Francisco, CA)

    Noele Lusano lives and works in San Francisco, CA. 3 of the last things that have inspired you 1. vintage kimono prints 2. an exhibit on hauntology at the berkeley art museum 3. scientist’s ‘scientist launches dubstep into outer space’

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  11. 01 Magazine No. 6: Independent

    We are very excited to present to you the newest issue of 01 Magazine. This issue is for all the people that roll out of bed in the morning and independently drive themselves to produce work for a greater purpose.

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  12. Motto Vancouver Launch

    December 9, 6pm Motto Vancouver launch (permanent store!) The opening takes place of the occasion of the Or Gallery Edition Sale: A one-night artists’ edition sale with work from Artspeak, the Or Gallery, the CAG and others. Fillip will also

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