Inspired by No Age’s live scoring of the film ‘The Bear’, Alternate Realities is the reinterpretation of the idea of the soundtrack in film. How the usage of sound can change a mood or intensity within a visual context simply through different applications and fluxuations of that sound. The goal was ultimately to create a piece that exists outside of the original product and ultimately becomes something that exists within it’s own dimension, almost as if it would be the version within another reality.

– – – – – –

Performances by:

Josh Stevensen( Magneticring/Von Bingen)

Mel Paget (UUIUU/Mafia Wars/Group Marriage)

Cameron Borthwick ( Marcus Naslund/ Ex- Cheerleader Camp, Golden Touch)

Sean Orr (Tassels)

Tom Whalen & Ben Jacques ( Haunted Beard/GAK)

Rob Ondzik, Evan Mcdowell & Felix Machinations ( Soft Focus)

– – – – – – – –

Entry will be 5 dollars

Performances will start around 8:30-11

Lions Den 79 East Pender.

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