Mixtape #20: “And When You Kiss Me, I Don’t Want Anything Else” – David Horvitz


“David Horvitz is an artist whose work adopts a nomadic personality, shifting seamlessly between the Internet and the printed page, the West Coast, East Coast, and beyond, avoiding any particular definition or medium. Born in Los Angeles and currently based in New York—although his location may change at any given moment—Horvitz frequently encourages participation from both his friends and a web-based audience for his projects, channeling the spirit of conceptual artists who reach out to a community greater than their immediate surroundings. He infuses his practice with generosity and free distribution.” – Jenny Borland (Bomb Magazine)

Mixtape #20 is by Brooklyn based artist, David Horvitz, who we interviewed in our Concept Issue and featured in our 01 Magazine Group Exhibition. We are really excited about David’s new book (which was released today), “Everything That Can Happen In A Day“, which features images of people documenting his daily initiatives on his 2009 blog.

Says David about the mixtape below- “All of the songs are from what is currently in my iTunes. My computer is old and falling apart and has no memory, so what is in my iTunes are usually recent acquirements, or songs that have stayed on my computer for years because I can write with them on.”

“And When You Kiss Me, I Don’t Want Anything Else”

1. Former Ghosts – And When You Kiss Me

2. Infinite Body – He Runs Without Feet And Holds Without Hands

3. Evangelista – You Are A Jaguar

4. Ches Smith + These Arches – One Long Minute

5. Sibylle Baier – Tonight

6. Ches Smith’s Congs For Brums – Difference

7. Nick Cave & Warren Ellis – Song for Bob

8. Marquis de Tren & Bonny Billy – 64

9. Ô PAON – Nunavik

10. Good for Cows – Invisible Goth

11. Christian Gleinser – Coming Around Again

12. Former Ghosts – Red String






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