Mixtape #19: “Crude Noise” – Maggie Lee


Photo: John Divola

Mixtape #19 is by Brooklyn based photographer, Maggie Lee! Maggie has been a long time contributor to Vice and Sup Magazine, and has collaborated and produced for Decathlon Books, Chief Magazine, Seems, Show Paper, and more. She has an upcoming show called “Désirs Archaiques” at Galerie Olivier Robert in Paris, where she will be showing a video salad installation and drawings. (Opens November 27, 2010) Be on the lookout for her upcoming zine, Frenching.

“Crude Noise”

1. Sexual Harrassment – If I Gave You A Party

2. Blues Control – No Sweat

3. Carambolage – Je T’aime

4. Dope Body – Vision

5. Quicksand – Omission

6. Harry Pussy – Sick Again

7. Token Entry – Over You

8. Y Pants – Love’s A Disease

9. I.U.D – Precious

10. Reversible Cords – Plastic Money

11. Pissed Jeans – Wachovia

12. Magik Markers – Most Beautiful City On Earth

13. Inside Out – Burning Fight




  1. rrr says:

    stuck at the computer all morning, playing that bjork track you posted i like sad

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