Mixtape #11: “Rather Pissed” – Andrew Laumann


Andrew Laumann

Mixtape #11 is by Baltimore based artist and musician Andrew Laumann. Check out our interview with him a few issues back here, and his band, Dope Body.

Rather Pissed

1. “All Men Shall Be Brothers Of Ludwig” – Staff Carpenborg and The Electric Corona

2. “Does He Love You?” – Kid Krusher

3. “Quiet Cool” – Peer Pressure

4. “Gol-E Gandom” – Lloyd Miller

5. “Job” – The Nubs

6. “Pink Mood” – Tipsy

7. “Molloy’s March” – Ui

8. “Kill Your Father” – Sarah Johnson

9. “Rakset El Fadaa” – Omar Khorshid

10. “No Place” – Brain Bombs

11. “Meteor” -Gem Vision

12. “Find out what happens when people stop being polite, and start gettin reel” – Hype Williams

13. “Hated Chinee” – Rapeman




Dope Body

Pent House Gallery

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