James Benning | Ruhr (2009)


“Ruhr is a continuation of Benning’s project to sharpen our audio-visual senses. No longer bound by the restrictions of duration and reality, he radically redefines the parameters of his observations (social, meteorological, industrial and aesthetic). Benning produces powerful conflations of objective truth, abstraction and the suggestion of suspense through a myriad of mesmerizing images: a stark grey concrete tunnel with zigzagging light, a factory where steel tubes hypnotically jostle across the frame, the blasting of graffiti from a Richard Serra sculpture and trees outlying the Düsseldorf airport, as if kneeling in a mosque. The final shot of a monolithic tower belching billows of steam includes the sound of a siren and an unnaturally quickened setting sun, inviting a host of associations, from Warhol to contemporary catastrophes.” – Andréa Picard

James Benning

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