Conundrum Press Book Launch – Montreal, QC

So I’ve Been Told

Maryanna Hardy

November 2010

ISBN 1-894994-52-3 / 978-1-894994-52-1

Art / Graphic Novel

96 pages / 5.5×7.75

80 illustrations (16 in colour)


This book collects a number of her recent book projects, including Jerry Springer Characters, So I’ve Been Told, At Night, and The Very Very Very Very Last Day. Mythical lake creatures, games, bullies, house fires and drownings all become part of her always evolving personal folklore.

Maryanna Hardy is originally from Saskatchewan, and she is currently calling Toronto home. She has exhibited her drawings at Casa del Popolo, Headquarters Gallery and My Hero Gallery in Montreal, and her most recent solo show was held at 107 Shaw Gallery in Toronto. She’s designed gig posters and worked on visual arts collaborations through her former screenprinting shop named Detention such as the YPF Collective’s recent showing at Osheaga. So I’ve Been Told is her first book.

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