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  1. Mixtape #20: “And When You Kiss Me, I Don’t Want Anything Else” – David Horvitz

    “David Horvitz is an artist whose work adopts a nomadic personality, shifting seamlessly between the Internet and the printed page, the West Coast, East Coast, and beyond, avoiding any particular definition or medium. Born in Los Angeles and currently based

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  2. Interview: In bed with Jimi Hendrix(1969)

    Great interview with Jimi Hendrix by CBC in bed at his home in 1969… Live performance of ‘The Wind Cries Mary’, Stockholm(1967) Sorry Americans apparently the interview is banned from your country…too bad..

  3. ANPQ v2 / n5

    Can’t wait.

  4. Sraunus Steinsland Berliner

    SRAUNUS 3 Dec – January 2011 Opening: 3 December. 6 – 10 pm Gallery Steinsland Berliner Bondegatan 70, Stockholm, Sweden Exhibition of projected contemporary photographs Curated by Paul Paper Participating artists: Alexander Binder, Lucas Blalock, Fred Cave, Grant Cornett, Bobby

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  5. O32c Art Basel Miami

    032c is pleased to announce its participation in Art Basel Miami Beach and Creative Time’s 2010 OCEANFRONT NIGHTS program. With a non-canonical selection of multimedia projects specially created for the series, 032c will showcase Berlin at its most dynamic, emphasizing

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    Great collaboration from Karin Berenson and Morgan Yakus of NO 6 and Urban Outfitters. As per usual, everything they touch turns to gold. Check out the interview and art show that we did with them along with  the Urban Outfitters 

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  7. Safari – Anders Edström

    “For most people, looking simply happens. There is a view of downtown Los Angeles from my patio, which I daily admire in a disinterested way. I like how my neighbor’s terracotta roof foregrounds the silhouettes of skyscrapers miles off and

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  8. Power Ballards

    Power Ballads by Ben Rayner Released December 1, 2010 by newly formed Rayner Books. 80 Pages, Recycled Paper Full Colour, A5 Perfect Bound

  9. Joel Sternfeld

    Joel Sternfeld, (American, b. 1944), is a fine-art photographer noted for his large-format documentary pictures of the United States and helping establish color photography as a respected artistic medium. He has many works in the permanent collections of the MOMA

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  10. Black Friday: Assembly New York

    Assembly New York

  11. Tim Gardner

    Canadian. Born 1973 in Iowa City, Iowa. Lives and works in Canada. Tim Gardner at 303 Gallery

  12. Mixtape #19: “Crude Noise” – Maggie Lee

    Photo: John Divola Mixtape #19 is by Brooklyn based photographer, Maggie Lee! Maggie has been a long time contributor to Vice and Sup Magazine, and has collaborated and produced for Decathlon Books, Chief Magazine, Seems, Show Paper, and more. She

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