The Flash Forward Festival


Melinda Gibson, from the series The Photograph as Contemporary Art


Kevin Van Aelst – One Heart Beat

The Flash Forward Festival is an international five-day biennial event launching in Toronto’s Liberty Village from October 6–10, 2010. The Flash Forward Festival is an extension of The Magenta Foundation’s successful Flash Forward Annual Competition for Emerging Photographers from Canada, the UK and the US. The competition was established as a platform to promote emerging artists and has positioned itself as the critically important vanguard for introducing international emerging talent to a global audience.

The biennial festival will provide an in-depth experience for emerging photographers through educational and networking opportunities including events with collectors/arts enthusiasts and industry professionals (academics, gallerists, media/art directors and photo editors). The festival will include five curated exhibitions — representing the three host countries plus one guest country invited to showcase their best emerging photographers — as well as workshops, a lecture series, nightly events, an art fair and a major closing event that will be filmed and transmitted globally.

International Guest Speakers: Alec Soth, Jason Fulford, Stephen Mayes, Susan Bright, Andy Adams, Jeff Harris, Jack Burman and Reps From the reGeneration2 Project

Some of the exhibitions:

Flash Forward 2010 Group Show Featured Exhibition

Emerging Photographers from Canada, the UK and the USA

Wednesday, October 6

Curated by: MaryAnn Camilleri, Myrabelle Charlebois & Aaron Schuman

171 East Liberty Street, #118–120

Featured winners/artists:


Kotama Bouabane, Philip Cheung, Becky Comber, Leanne Eisen, Shanghoon Jeong, Grant Harder, Jennilee Marigomen, Andrew Myers, Geoffrey Pugen, Guillaume Simoneau and Jessica Thalman.

United Kingdom

Peter Ainsworth, Jason Bascombe, Alinka Echeverria, Jason Larkin, Laura Pannack, Ali Richards, Anja Schaffner, Indre Serpytyte, Kurt Tong, Mike Whelan, Renhui Zhao

United States

Jowhara AlSaud, Claire Beckett, Magda Biernat, Anthony Blasko, Izabella Demavlys, Jonathan Gitelson, S. Billie Mandle, Collin LaFleche, Tribble and Macenido, Kevin Van Aelst

Canada: Where is Here

Sunday, October 10

20 Mowat Avenue 3–9 PM

Featured Artists:

Noel Rodo-Vankeulen, Johan Hallberg-Campbell, Sara Cwynar, Dylan Hewlett, Natalie Ferguson

US Featured Exhibition: The Architecture of Space

Thursday, October 7

Curated by: Darren Ching & Debra Klomp Ching

171 East Liberty Street, #126

Featured Artists:

Mónika Sziládi, Andrea Land, S. Billie Mandle, Greg Stimac, James Pomerantz, Matthew Baum, Justine Reyes, Sebastian Lemm, Benjamin Lowy

Paper, Rock, Scissors: The Constructed Image in New British Photography

Friday, October 8

Curated by: Simon Bainbridge & Diane Smyth

171 East Liberty Street, #131

Featured Artists:

Peter Ainsworth, Julia Curtin, Noemi Goudall, Danny Treacy, Julie Cockburn, Victoria Jenkins

Self-Publish Be Happy Exhibition

171 East Liberty Street, #102 12–6 PM


Work by:

Adam Murray & Robert Parkinson, Alec Soth, Alexander Binder, Anne Schwalbe, Åsa Johannesson, Asher Penn, Aubrey Mayer, David Schoerner, Ellen Long, Eloi Gimeno, Erik Van Der Wejjde, Esther Teichmann, Grant Willing, Henrik Malmström, Jan Von Holleben, Jeff Luker, Jeremie Egry and Nicolas Poillot, Joachim Schmid, Karol Radziszewski, Laetitia Donval, Lester B. Morrison, Lewis Chaplin, Lina Scheynius, Lucas Blalock, Mårten Lange, Maxwell Anderson, Morten Andersen, Morten Andersen, Oliver Poddar, Patrick Waugh, Raoul Kramer, Rob Philip, Sacha Maric, Stephen Gill, Takiura Hideo, Terence Hannum & Scott Treleaven, Tereza Zelenkova, Timothy Hull & Paul Mpagi Sepuya, Travis Shaffer and WassinkLudgren

More information & calender of events

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