Mixtape #9: “Am I Evil, Yes I Am” – Ben Rayner


Photo: Ben Rayner

Mixtape #9 is by UK based photographer, Ben Rayner. Ben is a productive guy that has a lot of cool projects on the go, including a recent feature for Eyescream Magazine where he shot portraits of 50 London Creatives. Thanks Ben!

Am I Evil, Yes I Am

1. Am I Evil – Diamond Head

2. Ritual – Ghost

3. Forever My Queen – Pentagram

4. Evil – Mercyful Fate

5. Spider Baby – Natur

6. The Sadist – Saint Vitus

7. Redline – Fu Manchu

8. Psalm 9 – Trouble

9. One Inch Man -Kyuss

10. Long Gone – Goatsnake

11. When The Screams Come – Pentagram




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