Tender Bender

“My zine work is very based around chunks of time in my life. I reach a certain point that I can look back on photos taken and discovered and start to see patterns, themes and trends both physical and emotional. I like to work without much forethought and planning, shoot photos first ask questions later, it’s the anthropologist in me. I would rather collect evidence big and small and live with the result, rather than create work after an idea or thought.

So this zine is from November 2009 until June 2010. Last summer I moved from San Francisco back to my parent’s house in my hometown in southern California. In the fall I had a zine published by Kaugummi in France, and then in November the girl I was seeing ended things between us. I don’t want to paint this as some huge sob story, it isn’t.” – An excerpt from Alex Martinez’s interview with La Pure Vida about his new zine, Tender Bender.

Tender Bender by Alex Martinez

Purchase it here as part of the PAPIR Project (TTC).

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