Kim Gordon+ No.6

We are super excited to be previewing our 01 Group show  at NO.6 Gallery  in mid October at their gallery just below the store in New York. Before our show in October, they featured the work of artist /musician Kim Gordon who they also did a limited run of awesome silk printed t shirts with her art on them,and also a book project.

Kim Gordon’s art show at No.6:


Check out the t shirts here:



In celebration of No.6  five-year anniversary, the store is selling limited series  of silk tees featuring Kim Gordon’s artwork from the No.6 portfolio, which is our third book project. For the portfolio, Kim has taken a sentence from a well-known Fleetwood Mac song, “Rhiannon”-”she is like a cat in the dark, and then she is the darkness” and from this produced a series of fourteen single word paintings on canvas paper.

‘She’ and ‘Darkness’ Silk Tee $110

The tees are printed with water-based inks and one size fits all.

You can pick one up at the No.6 Store or by e-mailing them.

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