Featured Phototography Portfolio: Ana Kraš

Ana Kraš lives and works in Belgrade, Serbia.

3 of the last things that have inspired you

1. cooking together with giovanni, giovanna and stefano at sardinia

2. having a fig tree, so daily inventing new fig reciepes

3. my new bicycle

3 things on your walls

1. light grey paint and white paint

2. a picture of a hotel in santa cruz

3. two pictures by sylvain emmanuel p.

3 things that you never get sick of

1. black tights

2. sea

3. figs and watermellons

3 artists who have influenced your development

1. michelangelo antonioni

2. caspar david friedrich

3. paja jovanović

3 blogs that you follow

i don’t follow any, but there are many i randomly see and like a lot. but let’s say

1. ping-pong

2. and my friend runs http://biskoteka.tumblr.com/

3. and i love twitter, tho its not a blog 🙂

3 songs that everyone should listen to

1. moonchild – king crimson

2. primavera – ludovico einaudi

3. opus#17 – dustin o’halloran

3 things that you are looking forward to

1. a picnic in my favorite parc in paris, tomorrow

2. having kids and a husband one day

3. my father getting a wolfdog this year

3 words that describe your photographs

1. quick

2. sad

3. happy





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