Earth is Base


Earth Is Base

Nicholas Gottlund

October 1 – 23

Opening October 1, 6pm – 9pm

Bodega – 253 North Third Street, Philadelphia, PA 19106

From October 1- 23, Bodega is pleased to present Earth Is Base, a show of sculpture, photography and printed works by Nicholas Gottlund.

In their material and process, the works from Earth Is Base address the act of reproduction. Clay, wood, and paper. Casting, printing, and photography. The remade object is not made for a discreet purpose, but is remade as an act in itself. The original, the corresponding space, and the copy.

As a piece of wood is petrified, minerals slowly replace the plant’s decaying cells and stone forms in its place. The stone is a natural cast, the organism holds a space, the space is preserved and the form is physically remade. Fossils, the crust of the earth, tracks, are all in a sense a mould. A hollow shape of the most fundamental material.

Often, as in the case of digital and photographic reproduction, the original exists as an ideal, elusive and hidden from its worldly form. An attribute of the natural world, the cast reproduction exists in a unique relationship with its corresponding original, neither illuminating nor obscuring the original form, but representing it in its most basic sense.

Nicholas Gottlund is a photographer and bookmaker. He founded and runs the small publishing house Gottlund Verlag that produces limited edition artist books with contemporary photographers. His book Wild Prayer was recently acquired by the Whitney Museum Library. He currently lives and works in Baltimore, Maryland and in Kutztown, Pennsylvania.

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