Density Drawings


We featured Katja’s photography work a little while ago and were blown away. She kindly let us know of her first solo exhibition, titled Density Drawings. A great concept – wish we could attend.

Katja Mater’s work originates from a meta-perspective and confronts the possibilities and impossibilities of photography. Rather than documenting frozen moments in time, the artist records the numerous ways we can look at and think about photographic images. She turns the medium on itself, and in doing so, disturbs its status of accuracy. Instead of looking through photography as a transparent medium, Mater’s intention is to make viewers look at photography itself. By visualizing areas in which technique yields images different from human perception she shows the intangible character of the medium, using photography as a creating rather than a documenting medium.

In the series ʻDensity Drawingsʼ Mater ‘draws’ with the camera. She constructs an image on a negative by layering multiple moments in time: while making the drawing, she shoots exposures at different moments during the process on the same negative. The artist literally builds up an image on the negative, while in reality the drawing blacks out. It is a cross-exchange of the visual information; between the marker on paper, and the film in the camera. Bit by bit a photographically complex image evolves, in which the two disciplines become inextricably interwoven. The resulting image is impossible to capture with human eye.

September 4 – October 9, 2010

Prinsengracht 276 hs

1016 HJ Amsterdam

open wed-sat:


Katja Mater

Martin Von Zomeren

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