As You Were



Opening reception, Thursday September 16th 9pm

Parts & Labour

1566 Queen St W

Toronto, ON

As You Were is an ongoing series of work by Toronto-based artist Maryanne Casasanta that contemplates the exchange between art and the commonplace. Casasanta approaches the act of documenting her personal living environment in a democratic fashion. She variously rearranges objects, alters their function, forges new connections between them, or simply takes their portraits. Through this process, Casasanta reacts to a desire to connect more deeply with her surroundings. As You Were is also concerned with the presentation of the body as an object or form, the poetic associations that cling to materials, and the merging of photography and conceptual art.

After Party to follow at The Shop with selected music by Mark K MarkMark and Benjamin Gabriel.

Curated by Nicholas Brown and Catherine Dean

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