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  1. Fall Inspirations:Future Classics

  2. Good Morning

    thanks South Willard

  3. What Else Was Lost In Translation

    Originally published in the NY Times: September 21, 2003 By MOTOKO RICH IT doesn’t take much to figure out that “Lost in Translation,” the title of Sofia Coppola’s elegiac new film about two lonely American souls in Tokyo, means more

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  4. Montreal in the 60’s

    A collection of NFB archival material from the 60’s set to the music of Pink Floyd. By Jimmy Dayshine. via NFB

  5. Wayne Thom

    An incredible collection of almost 60 years of architecture & interior photography by California based Wayne Thom. I was delighted to see some Vancouver landmarks dating back from the 60’s and 70’s in his portfolio too: Vancouver Law Courts, Vancouver

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  6. joan miro