Blog On Blog: Tanner America

Really enjoying the “lives” of Allison and Rob Tanner.

It took forever for the kids and I to get a good picture of our ‘Sculpture’!

From Jacob Gaboury for Rhizome..”Tanner America is critical satire in the form of a Tumblr blog. The site is updated several times a week with “snapshot” style images and brief accompanying captions. Each image depicts a moment from the daily lives of the Tanner family of Colorado Springs, CO: the kids’ science projects, camping trips, remodeling the house, purchases from Home Depot, and their neighbor Linda. The images are purposefully mundane and would be of little interest to anyone outside the Tanner’s immediate family and friends. What makes the images satire is the fact that they are clearly, intentionally fabricated. Each image has been noticeably photoshopped in such a way that it becomes an implicit critique. In many ways they resemble JOGGING-style sculptures or performance, as the strange juxtaposition of objects announces itself as fabricated and implies some form of intentionality, some form of critique.” (Article)

The kids made a fort at the dentists.

NOODLE DOODLE game in the living room!

Well this was unexpected.

We got a kitten to replace the dead bird.

Decided to start painting this afternoon.

Beer pong with my bros!

Chad’s rocket hit the the roof.

A paper airplane about to hit a landscape painting.

Found $300 while laying the carpet.

Today we set up hopscotch in the room thats always empty.

Our new Labradoodle eating cheese doodles!

So mad at Chad!

When the kids and I were setting off smoke bombs a yellow cardinal flew down to inspect the situation.

Printed Tanner family mouse pad floating in pool.

Left overs from last weeks party!

I got a copy of Avatar from a buddy at work.


Rob refuses to eat leftovers so I have to throw them out.


I just found a whole lot of old photos on the computer. Here is a nice one I took from the cruise we took two summers ago.


Our dog Richard “Mutt” Tanner watching “Full House”!


Backyard fun day with the kids!

We got a new shower curtain!


I organized everything red I could find.


Chad is using burnt cheese doodles to doodle.

SO MAD. Grayson scribbled on every page!!


So hot out!

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