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Slob life top ten favorite 10 links – no particular order:

1.– cool.

2. – plethora of video

3. – celebrity gossip/all things amazing!

4. – art fag gossip

5. – all my friends’ gossip

6. – naked people forever

7. – really cool images

8. – I stalk

jerry saltz

9. – makes me feel better when im at home alone

10. – peter hurley.


Why “slob life” as a title for your blog?

The name “Slob Life” came about when Lyndsay and I were out one day. We were totally destroyed from a week straight of partying and it was during last summer when it was 35 degrees outside. We were both super tired, grimy, hung over and I think we had only eaten breakfast diner food/5 cent candy that week. We were sitting outside smoking a cig in

silence and I said “Slob Life” and we were like DUH!. It was really a funny moment. Slob Life represents this idea of us being young being stupid, wanting to eat 1000 burgers and being like “fuck you mom and dad”. I know I’m never going to get a job and sell all of my books to make some cash. I know old people say our generation is really lazy but I would like to think we’re really creative. So basically, it’s about defining our generation and it’s lifestyle.


How did the blog come about?

Lyndsay instigated the blog and asked me to join, it made sense. We would hang out at the 536 house (RIP) a lot last summer and take pictures of instances like Steve Gilmet holding a huge wine glass with gin and juice in it and yell SLOB LIFE and laugh. So we put all of that stuff on the blog. And weird youtube videos of Mickey Mouse eating a hamburger.


Where did you two meet?

Lyndsay and I met when we were 16 at the Emily Carr. I thought Lyndsay was so cool because she had dreads and wore really big belt buckles and had huge ass glasses and she and her boyfriend (at the time) wrote letters to each other. She was so alternative and I grew up on the North Shore. We had a really cool summer and met all of these great people together. We kept in touch. Lyndsay made me get a Myspace to keep in touch.


Do random people stop you on the street and want to talk about the blog?

Ya! This one time this girl was coming out of the H&M in downtown San Francisco (where I was working at the time) and she was just STARING at me. She finally got the courage to come up to me and said “excuse me, do you do slob life?” It turned out her and her friends were huge fans and actually came to San Francisco to find me. I partied with these three girls for 2 days straight. They were from Minnesota. I know Lindsay gets a lot of attention too. But it’s only because she’s cuter than me.

For more on the alex and lindsay check out slob life.

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