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  1. Gunta Stolzl

  2. Chums

  3. Walter Potter

  4. Fashion: Season Inspiration:Nom De Guerre S/S10

  5. Ghost at Noon

    Ghost at Noon Incelensa – Quarteto Em Cy Ah! – Popol Vuh Loud, Loud, Loud – Aphrodite’s Child El Ray – Secos e Molhados Silver Cycles – Eddie Harris Paint a Lady – Susan Christie Pelle di Luna – Piero

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  6. Katja Mater

    Dancing to: ‘….So’ by Soft Cell (T=3:49) (From The Dancers) Dancing to: ‘plug me in’ by Add n to (x) (T=5:31) (From The Dancers) Dancing to: ‘Bizarre Love Triangle’ by new order (T=4:21) (From The Dancers) Dancing to: ‘Here it

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  7. The Torture Never Stops

  8. Bram Bogart

  9. kenji fujita

    Debris of life and mind rock paper scissors fractured-fairy-tales link to site

  10. Featured Photography Portfolio – Ana Cabaleiro

    Ana Cabaleiro lives and works in Vigo, Spain. 3 of the last things that have inspired you 1. Watching Gerry, Tropical Malady & The Brown Bunny again 2. cars & caravans 3. Drive by Andrew Bush 3 things on your

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  11. Fashion: Season Inspiration-Hope S/S10

  12. Fillip: One More on Publicness

    Once More on Publicness Fillip is pleased to announce the immediate online availability of Once More on Publicness: A Postscript to Secret Publicity by Sven Lütticken — the first in a series of essays on art and publicness, which thematizes

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