Niall McClelland Exhibition:Sabbath Sold Soul

We are always big fans of Niall’s work…








RUNNING JUL 09th – AUG 08th, 2010

Friday July 9 2010 7-11pm

Show & Tell Gallery is proud to welcome Niall McClelland to his first exhibition with the gallery.

Sabbath Sold Soul is a body of work investigating the idea of perpetuated adolescence. A re-imagined album design, a fictional crew code of arms, a pot hedge, and smoke patterns are explored through variety of simple, familiar mark making methods, from graphite pencils, spray paint to marijuana leaf stencils, and zippos. The resulting series display a sense of formal elegance that lies in compelling contrast to the often raw, crass, stoner symbols of youth culture explored in the work.

Niall McClelland, grew up in Toronto, Ontario. He spent many of his summers in Northern Ireland, studied in Vancouver BC, and eight years later moved back to Toronto where he currently resides. Niall is a graduate of the Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design, shown his art internationally, and has been published in Arkitip, Adbusters, Hunter and Cook, Lowdown and Tokion.

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