Featured Photography Portfolio – Michael Rolph

Michael Rolph lives and works in Welwyn/Hertfordshire, England.

3 of the last things that have inspired you

1. A Hospital I was at today (in regard to its clinical and functional façade)

2. Will Self – My Idea of Fun

3. Jessica Sue Layton’s ‘House Sitting Project’ series

3 things on your walls

1. Dominique Appia’s ‘Entre les Trous de la Memoire’ poster

2. Photos of an ongoing series in which I follow tourists around Museums

3. A map of contemporary London galleries

3 things that you never get sick of

1. Tea

2. Morrissey

3. Reality

3 artists who have influenced your development

1. Thomas Ruff

2. Edward Hopper

3. Bernd & Hilla Becher

3 blogs that you follow


2. Lapsus Magazine

3. The Shashin Collective

3 songs that everyone should listen to

1. Morrissey – November Spawned A Monster

2. dan le sac vs Scoobius Pip – Thou Shalt always Kill

3. (more a poem, but) Kate Tempest – Cannibal Kids

3 things that you are looking forward to

1. Being content

2. Raising Children

3. Old age

3 words that describe your photographs

1. Empty

2. Beautiful

3. Banal


michaelrolph.co.uk (currently being made)

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