Lawless Bond


Capricious Space is pleased to announce Lawless Bond, a solo exhibition of new photography and video by Samuel Falls. Opening June 4th, the works are on view through July 10, 2010. A reception will take place on Friday, June 4th, from 7 – 9pm.

In Falls’ words, “photography has become synonymous with language, maybe even replaced it in the hierarchy of contemporary communication. As an art form, we are hypothetically freed up from using the image as a guide, but that is not always an easy expectation for the viewer to accept. The viewer of photography, like language, traditionally expects a universal symbolism; a qualified meaning that has been chewed up and spit back out over time.” Through this body of work, Falls poses the questions: How can we unite art and photography without these expectations — without these semiotic laws? How can the photograph and the viewer exist right now, together?

French philosopher and semiotician, Roland Barthes suggests the “dissociation of solidarities, of empathies – powerful here, null there. Critique of the totalizing illusion: any apparatus unifies the language first, but one must not respect the whole… The Sentence is hierarchical: it implies subjections, subordinations, internal reactions. Whence its completion: how can a hierarchy remain open?” (Pleasure of the Text, pg. 38/50)

Falls’ work explores the notion that Modernism was about the medium; the medium was a structure to make “sentences” within, to create an overall narrative. He posits that Postmodernism then abandons the medium to represent the accomplishment of the master narrative’s endgame, a closed book. Falls sees however that the medium of photography has many fluid possibilities and that perhaps a return to specificity does not have to imply an inevitable end; rather it can run like a river –- a liquid body, a lawless bond.

About Sam Falls

b. 1984 in San Diego, CA, Falls lives and works in Brooklyn, NY. He completed his BA in Studio Art at Reed College in Portland, OR in 2007 and has just received his MFA in Advanced Photographic Studies from ICP-Bard, NY. In February 2010, Sam had his first solo exhibition in NYC at Higher Pictures gallery.

About Capricious Space

Capricious Space is located in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Our mission is to be a sanctuary away from the city’s clamor and strife. Capricious Space invites emerging artists and curators to transform the space according to their own visions and dreams, thus bringing the Capricious generation together. Please visit our website for information on upcoming exhibitions.

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