The Silence of God, The Unbearable Silence of God


The Silence of God, The Unbearable Silence of God

When collector Dominique de Menil was asked about the attraction to Rothko’s works he said that his works evoke “the mystery of the cosmos, the tragic mystery of our perishable condition,[and] the silence of God, the unbearable silence of God.”

The works exhibited are representations of immaterialism, obliqueness, mysticism, white noise, and most importantly “the void”. With the exception of Damon Zucconi’s “Passage”, the artists have either removed the central subjects of their work, offered the impossible, or have attempted to replace what has been taken away – all examples of the mysterious and perplexing. By either showcasing absence or challenging what we believe to be incredulous we are forced as viewers to put aspects of narrative and plausibility in our mind. The internal frustration provoked by these works exemplifies the perpetual vexation of our own mortality. Our ephemeral existence resonates in the stillness of each of these pieces.

Matthew Brett (Richmond)

Jason Lazarus (Chicago)

Andrew Laumann (Baltimore)

Peter Sutherland (NYC)

Ann Woo (Hong Kong)

Damon Zucconi (NYC)

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Reference Art Gallery

March 26th-April 15th 2010

Opening Reception

Fri March 26th from 7-11pm

216 E Main St. Richmond VA

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