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Fern Gully (2010) – Alana Celii and Grant Willing


You may remember the Rotating Gallery from their 01 Magazine feature two issues ago. Nestled in the community of Williamsburg, NY is the project of Parsons photography graduates Alana Celii and Grant Willing. Since 2007, Alana and Grant have curated shows in their Rotating Gallery exhibition space, which consists of a 12×9’ wall in their living room. The exhibits combine eclectic and contemporary photographs, found objects, and curiosities submitted by artists from around the world, which are documented for online viewing.

Grant and Alana have an installation, titled Fern Gully up at our 01 Magazine Group show at 107 Shaw Gallery, and in collaboration with the show, have launched the sale of their gallery editions online.  What’s really cool is that each gallery edition sold is unique, made and assembled based the responses given on the order form.

The limited editions contain:

8 – 10 objects

A diagram on how to install the gallery

A 4×6 in. photograph of the installation

T-Pins to hang the installation

Purchase them here, and be sure to check out some of their other great installations.

$25 USA / $35 Canada and International, including shipping

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