Lina Scheynius


We love Lina Scheynius, and she is having her first solo exhibition in London. Be sure to visit her website and see her unforgettable, beautiful work.

Lina Scheynius is a Swedish photographer. She shows her work in series as pages of an open diary. Using her camera, Lina Scheynius contorts the banal and everyday into something magical and extraordinary re-presenting truth as fantasy. Whether a soot encrusted cityscape or a girl sitting on a faded chintz-soaked bed, we find ourselves aspiring to live in her rose colored world. What is most intriguing about Scheynius’ galaxy is the total lack of nostalgia as these pictures are not about saving or preserving but about processing and releasing. They embrace the moment with a blind eye to past or future generously giving her subjects permission to be who they are without a hint of self-conscious performance or role play.

In her first solo show in London, Scheynius destroys temporal and physical constructions creating a Fluxus inspired collage of tiny memories taken over the past sixteen years. Pinned to the wall like butterflies in a taxidermy shop, Scheynius in typical fashion presents her “history” without nostalgia or longing. Instead, while not wholly rejecting the comforts of narrative, Scheynius let’s her work operate as abstractions outside time and place.

Lina Scheynius was born in Vänersborg (Sweden) in 1981. She lives and works in Paris (France).

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