Kiosk at Golden Parachutes


kiosk (at golden parachutes, berlin) – organized by david horvitz

03.03.10 – 06.04.10

featuring works by haris epaminonda, marius engh, vlatka horvat, charlotte moth, kristina lee podesva, lisa tan, oraib toukan, lucy raven, and david horvitz.

in farsi, کوشک (pronounced kušk), refers to an object that protects or is a shade maker. the kiosk has a history in the Middle East that spans over seven centuries. a word that was originally used to designate a place in the shade, or in the case of the turkish kösk, a summer residence for the wealthy, has changed over time to encompass not only shaded vendors and newspaper stands, but also parking-lot ticket dispensers and photo printing machines.

here’s how you participate:

1. download the zip-file of 24 photographs here:

2. print the 24 photographs using your local drug store photo machines

3. hang the photographs somewhere/anywhere (bedroom wall, a gallery, in an elevator, the stairwell of a museum, inside your car, a phone booth, on a ceiling, etc…)

4. download this pdf:

5. print the PDF and display with the photographs

6. take a photo of the exhibition and send it to:

this show is currently on exhibit at golden parachutes in berlin. your show will hang simultaneously on a different part of the world.

photo: haris epaminonda, untitled, 13 x 18 cm

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