Diane Farris Gallery: Twitter/Art+Social Media


Exhibition: April 1 – May 1, 2010

Opening Reception: Thursday, April 1, 6 – 8 pm

Diane Farris Gallery is pleased to present Twitter/Art+Social Media, a juried exhibition of work by artists using social media for inspiration, production and presentation of their work. The exhibition concept evolved from an original idea by Mia Johnson who has a PhD on the emergence of the Internet as a vehicle for artists and has been responsible for the gallery’s website since 2004.

As an early adopter of the Internet, Diane Farris Gallery has been interested in its possibilities since the creation of the gallery website in 1996, when less than 1% of the world population was online. Through Twitter/Art+Social Media, the gallery examines how social media is affecting the practice of artists who use it to share feedback and promote their artwork, organize shows and produce art collaboratively.

With 80 – 100 artworks by over 40 artists from across Canada and abroad, Twitter/Art+Social Media showcases a broad spectrum of influences of social media. While some artists draw their subject matter or medium from social media, others are working in more traditional forms and using social media to promote and display their work. The result is an exhibition that brings together works as diverse as painting, photography, video and sound to show how the artist’s practices are shifting.

The artworks in the show were selected by a multidisciplinary committee from submissions to the gallery’s open call during February. The gallery hopes this exhibition will become a catalyst for other groups and institutions to further explore the topic.

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