A group of four comes together with varying backgrounds, styles and aesthetics, however they are intrinsically connected. Their youthful approach speaks through their use of play. The various styles all deal with content that is at once humorous yet pensive- Magnotta’s meticulous large-scale graphite drawings magnify the peculiarities of collection by highlighting the surreal landscape that objects create when repeated, drawing attention to the absurdity of our hyper-designed world. Jeff Ladouceur’s complex small drawings take fantastical forms and minimize their strangeness by decreasing their size. Instead of being overwhelmed by the content of the images, viewers are forced to look closely at the details and intricacy of the work. In Shayne Ehman’s artwork, the artist explores themes of mystical and paranormal mystique. Using carved western red cedar for one of the pieces, Ehman channels the raw destructive power of storms on Quadra Island, and their connection to the mystical nature of the island. Andre Ethier uses an aggressively distorting lens to create his works, resulting in a series of psychedelic fantasy portraits and landscapes whose distinctive color palette renders them disconcerting yet magnetic.

Frank Magnotta has his M.F.A. from the University of Illinois, and his work has recently been collected by the MoMA. He has had solo shows at Derek Eller Gallery, Cohan and Leslie, White Columns in New York and widely throughout the United States.

Self taught artist Jeff Ladouceur has recently shown at ZieherSmith in New York, Richard Heller Gallery in Los Angels, the VAG, and the Tache-Levy Gallery in Brussels.

Shayne Ehman graduated from Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design in 2003 and has exhibited at numerous galleries including Blanket Gallery and Attache in Vancouver and Willem De Kooning Academie in Rotterdam.

Andre Ethier has his B.F.A from Concordia, and his recent solo shows include Derek Ellery Gallery in New York, Honor Fraser in Los Angeles and Mogadishni CPH in Copenhagen.


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