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  1. Cosmic Wonder Light Source N0.4-S/S 10


  2. Cosmic Wonder Light Source N0.4-S/S 10


  3. Tout Va Bien

  4. Chantal Akerman – Les Rendez-Vous d’Anna

  5. Daniel Everett

    Building My Virtual Self Esteem Thrashin’, The 1986 movie Thrashin’ taped off of TV with every commercial break carefully edited out Goals From Miscellaneous Twix Conversations with a Computer From Miscellaneous From Miscellaneous Is There Something Meaningful? – Search Queries

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  6. Ro/Lu for the Walker Art Center

    Minneapolis design studio, Ro/Lu for the Walker Art Center

  7. Pictures in the Place of Others – Wolfgang Tillmans

    WOLFGANG TILLMANS Installation View Andrea Rosen Gallery, NY January 30-March 13, 2010 PICTURES IN THE PLACE OF OTHERS things thought while looking at Wolfgang Tillmans’s new work – Dominic Eichler Photos: Jeremy Lawson

  8. Bente Miltenburg

    Bente Miltenburg lives and works in The Hague, Holland.

  9. Isabel Marant

  10. How To Explain It To My Parents

    A documentary series by Lernert & Sander in which 9 abstract artists explain to their parents what their work is all about. Participating artists: Arno Coenen, Harm van den Dorpel, Martijn Hendriks, Lars Holdrus, Bart Julius Peters, Joanneke Meesters, Levi

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  11. Haute Romantics

    Curated by Art Fag City Feb 11 2010 – Mar 20 2010 Within New York City’s teeming art scene, a growing subsection of artists are creating work that maps the ideals of late 18th century Romanticism. Untamed landscape, aesthetic beauty,

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  12. Custom made Rodarte for 2010 Winter Olympics- Shot by Ryan McGinley

    This is the only thing that has made me excited for the Winter games…