Nothing is Revealed


Higher Pictures announces the first solo exhibition of the work of Sam Falls. The exhibition will open on Thursday, February 4th and run through March 6th, 2010.

Sam Falls is a multi-disciplinary artist who builds his photographs through a complex process of large format photography, computer drawing and painting and found material. Attending carefully to the aesthetics and conceptual meanings of each piece, Falls’ interest is in creating work that is non-serial and possesses a quality that is inherently timeless. Branching out beyond the digital photo-collage, Falls’ work is poetic, reflectional and strives for a simplicity deep with intention and humanity, working all the angles to make art that is dynamic and challenging while also lucid and available.

Falls lives and works in New York and is currently completing the MFA program at ICP-Bard, NY. His artist books can be found at Dashwood Books, NY, the New Museum, and the MoMA library.

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