Light Bar


Instant Coffee presents Light Bar, a full-spectrum light bar installation and venue for light therapy, light lectures, light shows, light reading and light rock. Instant Coffee’s Light Bar is an ongoing art project that investigates the potential and power of light. The artists come to this idea through necessity; living in Vancouver, where the rain can seem endless, the negative effects of the lack of sunlight on individual psyches and the large social milieu feel at times paramount. The use of light as a therapy or as a remedy for SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) is commonly and effectively used by individuals, but for Light Bar, Instant Coffee puts it to the test in small or large group situations.

Instant Coffee is a service oriented artist collective based in Toronto and Vancouver. Through formal installations and event-based activities, it builds a public place to practice, where ideas, materials and actions can be explored outside of the isolated studio and in a manner that renegotiates traditional exhibition structures, but is still supported by them.

Instant Coffee’s most consistent members are Cecilia Berkovic, Jinhan Ko, Kelly Lycan, Jenifer Papararo, Kate Monro, and Khan Lee.

33 West Cordova St. (Google map)

February 12 to March 20, Wed to Sat, 7pm to midnight

* FEB 12: Opening celebration featuring music duo Christine

* FEB 13: Slide Show by ten artists with DJs Rodney Graham and Jeremy Shaw

* FEB 18: Light Lecture: Raymond W. Lam, M.D.

* FEB 19 & MAR 19: DJ Cam Dales: 50s and 60s Hits

* FEB 20: Rooftop Special

* FEB 27: Karaoke and Authenticity: lecture by Eric Fredericksen with guests Weekend Leisure

* MAR 08: Tom Cone presents Light Compositions

* MAR 13: Kick Evrything and Call the City

* MAR 18: Video Screening: Ditte Lyngker Pedersen

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