Haute Romantics


Curated by Art Fag City

Feb 11 2010 – Mar 20 2010

Within New York City’s teeming art scene, a growing subsection of artists are creating work that maps the ideals of late 18th century Romanticism. Untamed landscape, aesthetic beauty, escapism, youth; these themes not only permeate the work brought together for Haute Romantics, but build upon a period, 300 years past, in which emotion was seen as an authentic source of aesthetic experience. While the geography and living conditions specific to New York, may, at least in part, inform this renewed sensitivity, the sensibility clearly extends beyond the cities borders. Splintered and passionate, Haute Romantics is a breathless snapshot of the moment.

Featuring work by Ryan McGinley, Cian McConn and Kristen Jensen, Sara VanDerBeek, Naomi Fisher, K8 Hardy, Katherine Bernhardt, Maximilian Schubert, Paul Gabrielli, Peter Sutherland, Asher Penn, Sebastian Mlynarski, and Delusional Downtown Divas.

Verge Gallery Studio Project

1900 V St.

Sacramento, CA

95818 USA

Receptions February 11 and 13, and March 13

Lecture with AFC Editor in Chief Paddy Johnson February 18, 7pm

Thanks Bad Day!

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