Both the future and the past are mysterious places filled with hidden delights and lurking dangers. This is a magazine about traveling in time as well as in (cyber)space.

#1 | 57 x 76 cm double sided poster | 1000 copies.

Rasmus Svensson

Hanna Terese Nilsson

Christian Brandt

Klara Källström & Thobias Fäldt (KK+TF)

Andreas Banderas

Natalie Rognsøy

Ben Vickers

Max Ronnersjö

Rachel de Joode

Inka & Niclas

Ida Lehtonen

Amanda Svensson

Matthew Feyld

Kari Altmann

Jason Adam Baker

Alexander Palmestål

Mark Pesce

Available for free at V1 Gallery (Copenhagen), Institute of Contemporary Art (London), Ooga Booga (LA), Galleri Krets (Malmo), Printed matter (NY), Konst-ig (Stockholm), Pro QM (Berlin).

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