Happy Accident+Red Bull 381 Projects


Organized by Nicholas Brown and Niall McClelland

For its first exhibition of 2010, Red Bull 381 Projects continues to provide a platform to emerging artists, this time by inviting them to make their own curatorial selections. HAPPY ACCIDENTS is organized by gallery curator Nicholas Brown and Toronto artist Niall McClelland. Each has selected one artist, giving them carte blanche to choose two additional artists based on their own criteria. The result is like a game, producing a selection of works that, as a whole, elicits its own network of influences and associations.

In the spirit of the late Bob Ross, who claimed “there are no mistakes, only happy accidents,” this exhibition emphasizes flexibility and fluidity, surprises and mysteries. Themes and patterns emerge as piecemeal selections surface: from formal parallels located in the abstract, pattern-based works of the Portland-based painter Nicholas Pittman and the amorphous, fragmented watercolours of Frankfurt-based Julia Feyrer; to the absurdist subject matter of Vancouver painter Collin Johanson and the oblique chains of association in the archives of web-based collective Acid Sweat Lodge; and the unconventional warmth in photographic depictions of family members taken by Vancouver-based Kevin Romaniuk and New York-based Peter Sutherland. Here, artistic associations are both “real world” and virtual, as certain artists pick long-time colleagues and collaborators, others nominate total strangers.

The Nominations:

Nicholas Brown → Kevin Romaniuk → Peter Sutherland, Liam Hogan, Acid Sweat Lodge (web-based collaboration between Romaniuk and Hogan)

Niall McClelland → Julia Feyrer → Collin Johanson, Nicholas Pittman

Hours of Operation

Thurs & Fri. 5-9pm

Sat. 12-5pm

Special Event:

Gallery walk through by Nicholas Brown and Niall McClelland

Thursday Feb 11 7pm

Red Bull 381 Projects

381 Queen Street West, 2nd Floor

(Queen and Peter)


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