Casual Friday


There is a sentiment about the current state of the world, shared by the millennial generation, that is both despairingly nihilistic and happily carefree. Casual Friday jokes at this generation’s failure to bring little more than a sarcastic nod to combat the ills of humanity. Humor is inherent in this work, however not plainly for the sake of a chuckle. Although the sculptures from Joel Dean, Allistair Matthews, Lee Freeman and Michael Hunter express a lack of seriousness at first glance, they poignantly reveal the millennial generations tongue-in-cheek attitude. Painfully aware of how art is consumed, the role of the artist in relation to the viewer, and it’s place in art history, these sculptures show how a mentally saturated generation chooses to represent itself. Fake gold, tie-dye, genie lamps, and a rubber duck are more serious than ever. Often it is only through humor that we can begin to question our existence.

Extra Extra

2222 Sepviva Street

Philadelphia, PA 19125

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