Blog Post Archive (December 2009)

  1. Idoménée

    Check this book from Paris  a special edition on Haute Couture. This is a the first of  it’s Haute Couture issues from Idoménée as the publication  normally just covers art and fashion. Lots of beautiful imagery and a great interview

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  2. Petrified Zine

    Petrified Zine : Black metal/Death Metal fan zine. Great D.I.Y graphic design.

  3. No.4 Photo Issue released online

    Check out our new issue online. Perfect reading material for the holidays. Lots of great visual and interviews…

  4. STREAM feature – James Nizam

    James Nizam’s brilliant camera obscuras from the Anteroom Series. James Nizam is a visual artist that lives and works in Vancouver, Canada. He is represented by Gallery Jones. James’ biography

  5. robert breer

  6. Street View by Jon Rafman

    308 1st Ave. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Eagle Point Dr, Sherwood, Pulaski, Arkansas 51 E. Claremont St. Edinburgh, Scotland Warwick Street, Gateshead, England Subjects of their own gaze: the Street View car departs central HQ in Mountain View, CA to the enthusiastic

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  7. Whereabouts Fall/Winter

  8. Jonathan Meese

  9. Banks Violette

    Come on Banks, you keep making things before I have the time to think about making them! Banks Violette 1973 born in Ithaca, New York Education: 2000, Columbia University, New York, NY, M.F.A. 1998, School of the Visual Arts, New

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  10. threeASFOUR

  11. Featured Photography Portfolio – Todd Fisher

    Todd Fisher lives and works in New York City. 3 of the last things that have inspired you 1. Girl with sword 2. Flaming hand 3. Cake in the rain 3 things on your walls 1. A poster by Daniel

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  12. Frankie Nazardo