Full Service



an exhibition of drawings and photos by 37 Canadian artists.

Opens Sunday December 20th 1-6. Show runs until Jan 5th

All pieces are priced at $50

Seth Scriver

Niall McClelland

Eva Michon

Robert Dayton

Andre Ethier

Jason McLean

Jennifer Murphy

Mark DeLong

Olia Mishchenko

Matthew Brown

David Poolman

Victoria Kent

Joe Becker

Thursday Friday

Kathryn Dingwall

Brad Phillips

Tyler Clark Burke

Romas Astrauskas

Jeremy Jansen

Mark Connery

Lowell Bradshaw

Sandy Plotnikoff

Jay Isaac

Kineko Ivic


Michael Comeau

Josh Reichmann

Tony Romano

Aaron Carpenter

Morley Shayuk

Lorenz Peter

Jimmy Limit

Keith Jones

Alberto Guedea Zamora

Mark Connery

Alexander Irving

Shayne Ehman

Hunter and Cook

15 Ossington Ave


M6J 2Y8


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