_Quarterly # 4


_ Quarterly is an experimental publication focused on the visual and literary arts. Each issue is created according to a different theme which the participants are asked to respond. The mission of _ Quarterly is the presentation of issues that relate to our lives in a manner that is conducive to communal artistic interest, culminating in a final form available to as many willing minds as can be. This issue, a large full color newsprint printed object, limited to 1000, marks their first year of existence and has been masterfully guest edited by Grant Willing.

The fourth issue of _ Quarterly revolves around the idea of the Sea. Featuring the work of artists Ruth van Beek, Noel Boyt, Daniel Gustav Cramer, Mårten Lange, and David Schoerner, each of these artists presents works focusing around ideas of vastness, mystery, nostalgia, and nautical exploration. Paired with classic literature, this issue compares and contrasts the many notions of the sea; ranging from literal interpretations to more abstract representations of the ideas surrounding large expanses of water.

Launches January 2010, pre-order on underscorequarterly.com Pre-order and receive the last 3 back issues.

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