You Are You – By Jaret Penner at LES Gallery

November 13th – December 16th: You Are You by Jaret Penner – solo show

7:00 – 11:00pm

LES Gallery

1879 Powell St. Vancouver

The painter’s subjects range from solitary and grotesque figures of lonelihood to scenes of austere rusticity. His portraits, while depicting sexual mania, outrageous grief, faltering masculinity and crumbling intellect are not contritional; rather, these are works of humor and pathos. There is, however, a manner of relief sought beyond the insular confines of these personalities. The alliance shared by bodies in a landscape promises, if not transmutation, a greatly diminished agony.

Jaret Penner, was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba, went to Capilano University College, and has exhibited world wide throughout Spain, Italy, USA, Canada and Japan. Penner currently lives and works in Lake Errock, BC.


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