Fourteen30 Contemporary-Solo exhibition by Alex Steckly


ALEX STECKLY, Thizzard, 2009

Fourteen30 Contemporary is pleased to announce its first solo exhibition of new work by Alex Steckly.

Steckly focuses on two related bodies of work – a series of chromatically minimal paintings on panel

and three large-scale wall sculptures in white. The exhibition opens Friday, November 6th and the

exhibition will be on view through December 5th, 2009. A reception will be held for the artist on Friday,

November 6th, from 6 to 9 p.m.

Alex Steckly’s work is marked by an acute interest in the construction of paintings and sculptures using

a geometric and formal vocabulary. Each of Steckly’s paintings build layer upon oil and enamel layer,

resulting in matte surfaced abstract linear and geometric forms. Violaceous tones create triangular

articulations above and beneath the manifold of right angled white lines in Steckly’s painting Untitled (3).

In Untitled (1), a left curved wave in the blackest of blue hues rests hushed beneath perfectly hand-painted

horizontal white lines, with a simulated half-tone pattern splayed across the panel’s entirety. Steckly’s

meditative working process, and the resulting paintings in this his most recent series, nod quietly to the

minimalist works of Agnes Martin and Robert Ryman.

While his paintings host a magnitude of textures, the surfaces of Steckly’s white wall sculptures are

perfectly smooth. Each sculpture is comprised of abstracted letterforms, built into an illegible diorama of

shapes. Akin to the achromatic sculptures of Louise Nevelson, Steckly takes a contemporary look at

formalism in the three works on view.

Alex Steckly lives and works in Portland, Oregon and has been recently been exhibiting in locations

throughout Portland. Steckly’s work was included in the exhibition Rad Moon Rising: Portland Art Now,

Curated by Nathan Howdeshell for Deitch Projects last winter at Bas Fisher International, Miami Beach,

FL. This is Steckly’s premiere solo exhibition.

1430 SE 3rd Avenue

Portland, Oregon 97214


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