Featured Portfolio – Ting Cheng

Ting Cheng lives and works in Taipei, Taiwan.

3 of the last things that have inspired you

1. Hitch-hiking

2. Couch surfing

3. Taking the subway without a ticket

3 things on your walls

1. Air conditioner

2. Curtains

3. Chicks on Speed poster

3 things that you never get sick of

1. Traveling

2. Coffee

3. Movies

3 artists who have influenced your development

1. John Waters

2. Harmony Korine

3. Michael Gondry

3 blogs that you follow

I don’t follow any blogs, only flickr.

3 songs that everyone should listen to

1. Ladies and Gentlemen We are Floating in Space by Spiritualized

2. Nothing Came Out by Moldy Peaches

3. Candy Says by The Velvet Underground


3 words that describe your photographs

1. Useless

2. Homeless

3. đŸ™‚



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