0_100 | No. 5 | Unknown

Hasisi Park

Seth Fluker


Jennilee Marigomen

Maryanne Casasanta


The newest edition of the Milan based book, 0_100 Editions, features work by contributors and friends of 01 Magazine.

0_100 Editions | No. 5 – Unknown

Peter Sutherland

Young Kyu Yoo

Jonathan Feinstein

Ugne Straigyte

Pedro Ramos

Hasisi Park

Jennilee Marigomen

Li Hui

Cristiano Guerri

Andrea Geremia

Seth Fluker

Dusdin Condren

Mai Chaya

Maryanne Casasanta

Ali Bosworth

Only 100 available. Purchase at Artbook Milano, Milano Libri, Libreria Hoepli, X4 Milano, S.T. Gallery Roma, 100% Design Tokyo, or online here.

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